Cat’s Eye Tourmaline Ring 7

Beautiful tourmaline

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A Silver Bug original. A large deep green all natural 6.3 carat Brazilian cat’s eye round tourmaline cabochon with a perfect cat’s eye mounted on a solid sterling silver band. All of these cat’s eye tourmaline photographs were taken in either direct or indirect sunlight in order to show the amazing cat’s eye effect and beauty of this rare gem.

Cat’s eye tourmaline is rare variety of tourmaline which exhibits a unique reflection of light that resembles the slit eye of a cat. The technical term used by gemologists to refer to a cat’s eye effect is ‘chatoyancy’, a term derived from the French phrase ‘oeil de chat’, which means ‘eye of the cat’. The optical phenomenon is exceptionally rare and occurs in only a handful of gems. The distinct reflection is caused by tiny parallel fibers or needle-like inclusions within the stone, which is best viewed under a direct light source, ideally sunlight. As the stone is rotated, a ‘slit-eye-of-a-cat’ reflection will appear to glide and roll across the surface of cat’s eye tourmaline. Cat’s eye tourmaline is one of the rarer varieties of tourmaline available, which makes it extremely desirable for gem collectors.

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Ring Size: 10

Carat weight: 6.3

Weight: .29 oz.





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