Eight Panel Hinged Bracelet – Vintage Mexican

Beautiful bracelet

Price $169.00


Very nice bracelet. This bracelet has eight hinged panels, most hinged bracelets have four, some have six but very few have eight. It takes a lot more time and work to make all of these panels and hinges, but the bracelet will better conform to your wrists and be more comfortable. Each hand cut panel has an alternating highly stylized design inlaid with, abalone, turquoise and azurite chips in a beautiful mosaic. A very well made bracelet. Bracelet is in excellent condition and comes with a safety chain.

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Weight: 1.82 oz.

Inside: 7″

Wide: 1/2″

Stamped: TC-170, 925, Lano 06, Hecho en Mexico (Authentic Taxco)




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